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Marid is a class of jinn who are very powerful and deny the existence and orders of god.Al Quran says” he was of jinns but betrayed his lord”.The king of the marid djinn is Iblees which was first known as Azazel but after he betrayed god he was named as Iblees.Marid djinn king iblees was from the family of jinn and was leader over the Angles until he betrayed god.Iblees was named as jin as he was the leader of the angles who protected heaven ”jannat” so he was named as jinn.So as Iblees marid is king of the marid djinns his kindom is on the sea and he commands djinns from the sea to help his worshipers.

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Marid jinns |djinn marid names | Son of Iblees 

The most powerful marid satan jinns are the son of Iblees who rules over the word and have command over the other djinns performing specific duties.They are the kings and further have power over all the other djinn.The six sons of marids king have different powers which have been described in details:

1.Marid Madsh

Marids madash is ruler over 70 legends emperors and kings .He has the power to control the genius as he has knowledge of all the secret arts .  Marid Madsh is most often depicted as a hawk with golden wings. those who have summoned “Marid Madsh”have claimed that they saw him as a beautiful girl not a hawk . In fact, he has a famine girlish look with angles and feathers . soft-spoken and  friendly when conjured.He also teaches secret arts, and his power may not be judged wrongly as he can cause earthquakes destroy buildings bring heavy storms. .Mostly, Marid Madsh will communicate in a feminine voice which is very soft and sweet . he teaches different language, destroy enemies, defends the one who invokes him , and can even bring down people from high ranking positions to zero.

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2.Marid Hadith

The Marids Hadith (otherwise called mariden) hazardous being. He take the control of individuals, making the individuals who summon him clever, and quick. He will uncover the secrets insights of others if asked and will answer questions .

his evil presences and power, he be able to frequently takes numerous forms and shapes of humans or animals. In his human frame, the great looking and cool man, he can utilize individuals’ insider facts against them and motivate them to do things they generally might not have any desire to do. In his wicked structure he grows two faces – one to every side of his human one. The first is the leader and the second of a fox.Secondly, while he has also been known to take the form of a wolf . Marid Madish is most often described as having the body of a man with a fox head with very sharp teeth.The basic purpose of summoning him is to kill your enemies make them suffer and burn their houses.

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3.Marid Zalboon 

Marid Zalbon is one of the most powerful Marid, commanding over 400 legions. He has a loud impressive voice and a very powerful appearance , He appears in the form of a prince riding on the camel when invoked .

Summoning Marid Zalbon can not be that easy like other marid djinns as he is superior to many demons and shall be called with full honour and respect .The proper sacrifice shall be made before invoking the bronless king .In order to make a proper invocation, the summoner must face to the Northwest and must communicate respectfully in order to receive power or information in return. A sacrifice is also necessary as mentioned above.The best sacrifice for marid zalbon is a black goat as he like black colour and black candles shall be burnt during the ritual followed by a black dress gown.

Marid Zalbon is king himself and appears like a king with a golden crown riding a camel .He can give you information about the hidden treasures ,lottery numbers and make you rich and wealthy.His seal shall be made on gold or as a substitute golden foil paper can be used.When the king arrives he should be welcomed with ringing the golden bells and proper incense shall be burnt until his presence.After the ritual has finished the seal of marid zalbon shall be kept with full respect and it can be used again for the next invocation.

marid zulboon


4.Marid Wasim

Marid wasim is known as the king of love and lust and can cause others to show naked and make a person lustful for other.He is the king and legend over 300 legions and dukes.He can be invoked for making a person love and lust for you.The pink and red candles are burnt in his invocation and the one doing the ritual shall be naked.His offerings are semen and blood for power and successful ritual.He appears in the form of devil lady with horns and a tail .One shall take control of himself while his conjuration as he appears in the form of sexy naked devil lady.The offering shall be made as he appears or his presence is felt.

He is a very friendly and anti religion devil and knowns the sex magic ,can teach sex and lust magic to the performer if conjured correctly.When the king marids arrives the offering of blood or semen shall be made immediately.The scourer shall face towards north towards the house of marid wasim.The incense of rose shall be burnt during his conjuration.

The picture of the target person shall be shown to marid wasim for identification purpose.He has the power to fulfil your wish in minutes and make your target person crazy in your love.He shall be respectfully granted a licence to departure after the task has been assigned

marid wasim

5.Marid Manshoot.

Marid Manshoot

Marids Manshoot is a high ranking Marid djinn prince and is very friendly towards the summoner.He is also known as prince of knowledge and information as he can teach hidden arts and reveal secret myths.He can forecast past and future reading with perfection.He can teach you black magic and its secrets tips and tricks.A very clever marid you must deal him with high respect and his offerings is a sacrificing of a white pigeon.He can appear in any form he wants.He is a leader with 700 powerful dukes under his command.He can make the summoner rich famous and improve his ranking in any field.The marid djinn house is towards south so shall the summoner shall face towards south while the invocation process.

The seal of marid manshoot shall be drawn on silver sheet or a silver foil paper infused with the incense of saffron and sandalwood.The ritual room shall be setup with yellow and orange candles.Music has to be played at the arrival of marid wasim and he shall be deal with high respect and dignity.Upon his presence he shall be asked for the ring of power and in return offering his name to be written on walls of every holy temple or place makes him happy.

marids manshoot

Marid auoor

Marids auoor is the 6th demon djinn and known as king of the thieves .He can steal any thing from anywhere with a class and can bring it to the one who invokes him from west his house of darkness.He appears in the form of a black dog or raven ,can speak all languages and prince of hell ruler over 900 ancient legions.He can make the somner rich and can give him gold diamonds or anything he wishes in return of his own conditions which may vary from person to person.These are the high class most powerful marids and djinns.

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Real Jinn | djinn Summoning |spells rituals

This is a fact that since centuries the mysterious thoughts about spiritual and unseen supernatural forces evolve around the history of man.The people from different religions and races have different views about the presence of an unseen creature known as djinns and jinns.People have strong desire for summoning djinns to command them and use their supernatural powers for their own needs but before that they have to know that what really a jinn is and with whom they are dealing .The most common concept of the djinns is that they are powerful unseen spirits which have supernatural powers.The word jinn is derived from the word arabic word “”janain”” which means hidden and unseen.The quran further explains and tell us about the reality of the jinns that what they really are.

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What Is Jinn  | introduction

Islam explain the existence of the djinns in detail and tells us that they are unseen creatures made from the flame of fire.They are the creatures who have ability to understand and have brains thinking power like mankind and have a free will to choose good or evil.Further explanation in Quran that jinn have different religions as humans like islam christianity judaism and so on.jinn were born before creation of mankind.


Are Jinns Real?

The hadith prophet muhammad (p.b.u.h) states that jinns are real  are of three types :
1.The one who can fly in the air
2.The one who appears in form of snakes and dogs
3.The one who travels from one place to another like nomad

The jinns who are do not believe in god and believe in absolute free will are known as satan.They are from the tribe of god of the jinn iblees and they worship him as he has power over them.The jinn can also transform into a human or any other creature by will and appear before man but when a jinn transform into a physical state to appear in front of a man the all the physical laws are implemented on him and he can even be killed .So a trust level has to be developed between a jinn and the human in order to summon a dijinn.

types of jinn

Names and kinds of jinn

1. satan

In arabic language the clever betrayer disbeliever jinns are known as satan’s or shayiteens .The legend of these shayiteens is king ibess who they worship and obey.The kingdom of iblees is on the sea and he commands jinns from there to help out his followers and empowers them who worship him with faith.


In the state of hijaz there was a forest known as ubqari where there was kingdom of jinn .As the only population in ubqari was jinn so it was known as ubqreun and these kind of jinns were very intelligent and had supernatural skills.

3. Ghol

The jinn which change their faces and frighten the lost human in deserts and forests are known as ghol.


Afreet are very powerful jinn which reside near the volcanus or fire in the mountains or underneath the earth .They are very powerful and travel into the skies to get the secret orders given to the angles.

5.Amir | zair

The jinn which reside in the house with people are known as amir and the one who comes occasionally are known as zair ,in arabic language zair if some friend who visits you occasionally is known as zaire.


Aseb is a persian word which means jinn.These are very dangerous kind of jinn who captures the vacant houses and then its very difficult to make the get out of the house or a vacant place they have captured.


These are jinn which are very satanic and off small height.They have a lot of knowledge about black magic spells and rituals but if they start teasing a human then its really difficult to get rid of them.

8. Gandeela

These are the jinns which are known as most dirtiest of all as they live in the places with urine shit and menstrual blood and if they come on any human then he usually experience bad smell around him even his house.


This is a jinn which appears in the shape of a very pretty female or sometimes in form of a horrifying witch and is very dangerous can kill any human.

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Where Do Jinn Live | Culture | Traditions

The life of a jinn is similar to humans as they have families ,they get married,have children.It is proven from the verse of Quran which says “Do you make freinship with their children Knowing they are your enemies”.Hazrat Abbas narrates from abdullaha bin umer that prophet( p.b.u.h ) said ” Allah has divided humans and jinn into 10 parts, in the ratio of when 1 human child is born on the other hand 9 jinn children are born .So we can assume how greater will be jinn in number compare to human population.So it is clearly stated that jinn have marriages they have famlies .They have religions clutures tradtions as humans have.


Can a Jinn and Human Get Married ?

Yes according to islam it is possible that a jinn is married to a human and they can also reproduce give birth to a child and in arabic such a child is called “khun us” and one which is produced by a relationship with a demon is called ”amlooq” .But it it has been not been purely declared halal in islam.

Where Do The Jinn Live

The favourite places of jinns are dirty and filthy places which includes


2.Animal Bunkers

3.Dirty sewage Water

4.Old Trees

5.Barren land

6.Rivers and Lakes

7.Valleys Between Two Mountains

8.Old Vacant Houses



Summoning Djinn | jinn summoning

Now even in this modern world of science and technology people trend towards summoning of djinns and jinns have flourished day by day.Every human wants to control the djinn or demons in order to fulfil there desires by jinns supernatural powers .So many of them perform different rituals and ceremonies to capture them or call them for help but due to lack of knowledge fails but they never give up as they have a strong belief in the powers of a jinn.Now the reason for explaining all the above introduction about the jinn is that one who is summoning them shall have complete knowledge about the jinns and he shall excatly know who he is dealing with.

Can everybody summon djinn?The answer to this question is that yes but summoning djinn is an art and a secret branch of spirituality.So like every other art it needs knowledge guidance and practice.Like no one can become a doctor or an engenieer in one day how can one invoke jinn without studying practicing and getting to a professional level.But unfortunately today people want to control jinn without any hard ship knowledge.some foolish people also pay others to buy the jinn and loose there money and presious savings.Thus it is concluded that summonig djinn is an art which is impossible without practice and knowledge.

How To Summon Djinn

Now after you have gone through all the above information i would guide you through the steps for summoning djinn and you shall consider all these things carefully so you shall not get harm while performing the ritual.The another important thing is that by considering these steps you will be 100% successful without wasting your time .

1.Developing Power Of Concentration

The first step in summoning djinn is that you have to first develop the power of deep concentration and develop your inner self.So when you are performing the ritual you shall only be focusing on your task and your mind shall be free from all kind of different thoughts.For this you have to practice the following exercise:

  • Sit in yoga position in a quiet peaceful place
  • Stick a A4 size with a black dot size of a coin
  • Stare it without blinking till you reach time limit 40 mins

This will make you one pointed but remember you have to start with the time starting from 5 minutes and increasing the time to 40 mins.This may take 3 to 4 weeks.


2.Developing a Strong Will

It is very truly said that where there is a will there is a way” So you have to make sure in your mind that you will achieve what you want and if you are double minded then you wont succeed.For this when you wake up early in the morning  and when you go to sleep say these words repeatedly for 11 0r 21 times to make your will solid like a rock.

  • My eyes are filled with magnetic Forces
  • I can control anyones heart and brain
  • i can achieve what i will
  •  No body can stop me from achieving my desired goal

You might be thinking what good will it bring to you?But after a week you will see positive changes  in your thinking and will power.Continue it for 3 weeks.

3.Preparation Of The Room & Dress

The preparation of the ritual room is very important and  key to your success.The basic requirement is that the room shall be empty and no else shall enter the ritual room.Then you can decorate your room with skeletons knifes or anything which suits your mood and make you confident. Your dress shall be unstitched and like a gown preferably black in colour.

4.Selection Of The Right incense

Always select the right type of incense as suggested in the typical ritual don’t ignore this rule as its quiet important.

5.Circle Of Protection

You shall always be careful about your protection while summoning djinn as they can hurt you badly if they get out of control so you always cast a protection circle which is casted through protection spell with the help of a knife.So keep safe and stay blessed.



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